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Stress and Rhythm

We all have rhythms in our lives; yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, even hourly patterns we all experience on a regular basis. Have you noticed you wake up around the same time even when you don’t have to? This is your body’s natural rhythm at work. Things such as scheduled lunch breaks, alarm clocks, and weekly planners hamper your body’s natural rhythm, but we need these things in our society. Even so, you can stay in tune with your body’s rhythm. Some of us feel as though we’re lagging behind our lives and others feel as though they’re getting ahead of themselves. Think of a frantic CEO, who needs to be in ten places at once, or the procrastinating student who can’t seem to catch up before the exam. There are also instances where due to other circumstances, your rhythm is thrown completely away, like the new parents who suddenly find themselves low on sleep.      Speeding up, slowing down or tossing out our natural rhythms can cause tension, so we sometimes need to slow ourselves down, or kick it up a bit to match where our bodies want to be. In a situation like the new parents, we just have to learn to live with a strange rhythm for awhile.

Kairos is a Greek word that means “the right moment” – that special time when you are in harmony with your natural rhythm, in tune with the universe. Listen when your body is telling you now is kairos. It’s up to you to decide what for.

  • Is it time to slow down? Speed up?
  • Do you keep in step with your body?