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Teen Friendship Workbook: Book Release

Teen Friendship WorkbookBook Release

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The Teen Friendship Workbook

Facilitator Reproducible Self-Assessments, Exercises & Educational Handouts

By John J Liptak, EdD and Ester Leutenberg

Whole Person Associates announces publication of The Teen Friendship Wokbook: Facilitator Reproducible Self-Assessments, Exercises & Educational Handouts by John J Liptak, EdD, and Ester Leutenberg. Choosing healthy friendships is of monumental importance to teenagers. As they move into middle school and high school they will experience changes in friends, personal style, social life, emotions…in fact in all aspects of their lives. The Teen Friendship Workbook will help counselors, teachers, therapists, and parents guide teens to choose wisely, avoiding potentially risky situations. Using worksheets, assessments, and games teens will learn how to say “no” and to avoid being negatively influenced by their peers. Adults working with teens will appreciate the quality of the materials as well as the time they save having a versatile collection of tools right at hand on their bookshelf.

The Teen Friendship Workbook contains five separate sections to help teens learn more about themselves and the skills that are fundamental to developing and maintaining healthy friendships:

  • Characteristics of Friends Scale – helps teens explore the types of positive and negative qualities their friendships possess.
  • Friendships Skills Scale – helps identify the strengths and weakness teens possess in interacting with their friends.
  • Friend Communication Skills Scale – helps identify and explore how well teens are communicating with their friends and develop better friendship communication skills
  • Friendship Personality Scale – helps teens understand their own personality and the personality of their friends to better accept one another for the ways they are different.
  • Peer Pressure Scale – helps identify the ways in which teens feel pressured or influenced by their friends to do things they may or may not want to do.

The Teen Friendship Workbook: Facilitator Reproducible Self-Assessments, Exercises & Educational Handouts is one of a series of 12 books covering mental health and lifestyle issues familiar to all professionals working with teens. Being released concurrently are: The Teen Aggression and Bullying Workbook and The Teen Anger Workbook.

Teen Friendship Workbook

Facilitator Reproducible Self-Assessments, Exercises & Educational Handouts

Written by: John J Liptak, EdD and Ester Leutenberg
No. of pages: 122
Softcover:  Price $49.95
ISBN: 978-1-57025-249-5
Publication date: 2011

About the Authors

John J. Liptak, EdD, frequently conducts workshops on assessment-related topics. He has written three books on career-related topics which have been featured in numerous newspapers including The Washington Post, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Associated Press. His work has also been featured on MSNBC, CNN Radio and on the PAX / ION television series, “Success without a College Degree.” John has many years of experience in providing counseling services to individuals and groups in a variety of settings including job training programs, correctional institutions, and colleges and universities. In addition, John has about ten years of teaching experience as

an assistant professor. With Kathy Khalsa and Ester Leutenberg, he has written three other comprehensive books for teachers and counselors to use with their students and clients: The Self-Esteem Program, The Social Skills Program, and The Stress Management Program:  Inventories, Activities & Educational Handouts. With Whole Person Associates, he and Ester Leutenberg continue to co-write books to add to their Mental Health & Life Skills Workbook series.

Ester A. Leutenberg has worked in the mental health field for many years as a publisher, author, and advocate for those suffering from loss. She personally experienced a devastating loss when her son Mitchell, after struggling with a mental illness for eight years, died by suicide in 1986. Soon after, as a way of both healing and helping others, Ester co-founded Wellness Reproductions & Publishing with her daughter Kathy Khalsa and began developing therapeutic products that help facilitators help their clients. Ester is the co-author of the SEALS series for teen-agers, Life Management Skills series for adults and Meaningful Life Skills for older adults, as well as a variety of therapeutic card games, board games and posters. Ester has co-written GriefWork ~ Healing from Loss, The GriefWork Companion and Creating a Healthy Balanced Life.

Ester and John have co-written the Mental Health & Life Skills Workbook Series, the Teen Mental Health & Life Skills Workbook Series and are currently working on a Coping Workbook Series, all published by Whole Person Associates.

About the Illustrator

Amy L. Brodsky, LISW-S, has worked assisting children and adults in psychiatric crisis. She is well known for her creative illustrations of the Emotions product line, over 35 therapeutic books, including the Life Management Skills and SEALS series, the Teen Relationship Workbook, Crossing the Bridge, GriefWork ~ Healing from Loss, The GriefWork Companion, Creating a Healthy Balanced Life, and the Liptak / Leutenberg Workbook series.